Lidatong Fragrances Limited was established in the year 1992. In the initial part of our company, we collected wild agarwood from the agarwood hunters in China, resold to Chinese medicine companies, Hongkong dealers, Taiwan dealers and Singapore dealers.

In 1998, we established a 200 hectares agarwood plantation in Guangdong province of China, planted 900,000 A.Sinensis trees, using the Guangdong traditional "wild mimicking" style. For the agarwood formation, we don't use inoculation or chemical, we are using cold drill and hot drill to make the physical wounds in the trees. The agarwood from this way is close to the wild agarwood, it has been used as traditional medicine in China for more than a thousand years.

In 2009, we started to open the agarwood stores in China, wholesaling agarwood material, Oud oils, powder, incense, beads, pendants and decorations. In 2012, we started to source the high end agarwood and Kyara from Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Middle East, Indonesia and Malaysia, we have cooperated with many great agarwood companies oversea.

In 2010, we transplanted the wild Kynam (kyara) tree from the jungles in Huizhou city, Guangdong province. In 2016, we successfully developed the cultivated Kynam plantation by grafting. The Kynam formation process is strong and fast without inoculation or chemical. It will play an important role in the Oud oil industry in the near future. Until 2020, we have planted 600,000 Kynam grafted trees aged 1 to 4 years, and we are planting continuously.

In 2018, we started to distill the Oud oils. It took us three years to choose the method and design the equipments. We are using hydro distillation under ordinary pressure, it is traditional and widely used. We provide 100% pure Oud oils.

Our Vision