In 1998, we established a 200 hectares agarwood plantation based in Guangdong province and Hainan island, China, planted a total of 900,000 A.Sinensis trees, using the Guangdong traditional "wild mimicking" style. Some trees are more than 20 years old, most of them are more than 10 years old. Guangdong is one of the oldest regions of agarwood cultivation, as early as the Tang and Song Dynasties. A.Sinensis is the only agarwood plant resource that can be used for traditional medicine in China, it has been used as genuine medicine over a thousand years.

For the agarwood formation, we don't use inoculation or chemical, we are using cold drill and hot drill to make the physical wounds in the trees, the trees will grow the agarwood naturally around the physical wounds. The agarwood from this way is close to the wild agarwood, some of them were supplied to the Chinese medicine company. Most of trees in our plantation are more than 10 years, it can supply us high quality cultivated agarwood continuously. As the wild agarwood decreases, the plantation becomes more and more important. Twenty years ago, the plantation was a big burden for us. Now, it has become an important asset, not only for us, but for the entire agarwood industry.

For the agarwood harvest, we remove all the white wood part and all the rotten part from the agarwood, which is a standard process for incense and medicine use, which is labor intensive. For the distillation, we use the agarwood removed most of the white wood part and all the rotten part. The labor cost is high, but it is worth to remove the rotten part, since the rotten part has the rotten smell. The rotten smell don't belong to the scent of agarwood. We provide 100% pure Oud oils, our Oud oils don't contain the rotten smell.

For more details of our A.sinensis plantation, please see the video in the YouTube, the link as below: