We are using hydro distillation under ordinary pressure, it is traditional and widely used. It took us three years to choose the method and design the equipments. We communicated with many great agarwood companies around the world and did a lot of research for the Oud oils and equipments. We developed a whole set of advanced equipments with precise temperature control, mechanized production and automatic process control. The labor has been reduced a lot, every step is easy to adjust and control, every distillation is standard and precise. The whole set of advanced equipments provides a strong guarantee for us to make high quality Oud oils.

For the agarwood material we use for distillation, we made a strict set of standards:
First, we don't use the agarwood induced from inoculation or chemical, we use the agarwood induced from the physical wounds of the trees.
Secondly, when we harvest the agarwood, we remove most of the white wood part and all the rotten part, and then make the agarwood natural drying.

We only take the first batch pull from the distillation, and then use the material to make the incense products. We don't do the second or third batch distillation. From this way, we can improve the quality of the Oud oils while reducing cost. The Oud oils need to been done the filtering, ageing and sunning before it is suitable for sale.